I’m Back

March 1, 2009

I have been gone awhile but now I’m back, and with a new feature – A Peek at The WeddingPlanner’s Notebook.  This new series will be a quick look into what I’m doing and what is inspiring me now. Enjoy!



The Day… March 1st (I can’t believe it)

Where I Am… At home.

The View From My Window…A bit of rain, but I don’t mind we need it.

My Mood… Calm

What I’m Loving At This Moment… My new camera. I love having a nice camera with great features. The detail it can get is amazing.

What I’m Creating…Some new wedding inspiration boards. Love my paint.net to help create them.

On The Agenda For This Week… Try to get all the loose ends tied up to get the website up.

A Picture of What is Inspiring Me Today…

Simple and Calm


Dramatic Candle Holder

April 16, 2008



 I found this great candle holder from GI Designs. It looks so modern, botanical and dramatic. These would make a amazing anchor for a center piece. Check them out at www.gidesigns.net




February 5, 2008

I think that feathers have morphed from the feather boa of a boudoir to a chic accessory to highlight a modern wedding.  Just a small wisp of ostrich feathers in a bride’s bouquet give it an airy cloud-like effect. Small accents of feathers add just a touch of movement to a structured bouquet without impairing the pulled together look.

 I found this great bouquet at http://www.karenevansdesigns.co.uk/weddings.htmgallery-hand-tied-of-b.jpg

 Peacock as a color palette has been a wedding trend this past season already. I think that the peacock trend will continue and peacock feathers will step up to a new level.  Peacock feathers create impact in small details like a bold peacock feather tucked into a napkin fold, or a spray of feathers creating height in a centerpiece. My friend April, who owns Petalworks, recently did a party with a  peacock color scheme with a peacock feather tucked into the napkin fold.


 Feathers come in a wide variety of colors and textures that can be incorporated into many wedding themes. They make a blank slate look modern and innovative.

This past wedding season chocolate brown has been everywhere from bridesmaids dresses, to cakes, to invites. It was paired up with pink, blue, green, and teal. After all of the chocolate brown saturation from the past year I was relieved to find an article from The Knot that was featured on MSN.com stating that grey was the new “It” accent for the upcoming wedding season.  Grey comes in so many different shades I can see it being versatile in most color combos. I think a slate great would be a great accent with a deep jewel tone blue with highlights of a bright green to make a great peacock palette.  A modern color combo with grey would be a dark grey with a bright green, with black and white accents. It also makes a great color for a subtle vintage feeling palette as well. I found a great table cloth from thevintagetable.net that has a great  grey pallette printed right on it. It has pale pink, and green that accent the pale grey background. Vintage Tablecloth A small group of vases filled with classic wedding flowers would be a great centerpiece to finish the look. lotimg1698.jpg

New Website

January 16, 2008

I have my new preliminary website. Not the greatest thing ever but it gets the point across while I wait for my web designer to finish up.  Go check it out at www.felicityevents.com

IKEA vaseSo today I made a pilgrimage to the holy site called IKEA. You never know what you will find in that place. I came home with a great vase for $2.50 and a placemat of natural woven materials for $.99!  Yes, I said $.99! I didn’t pick up any candles today but there are plenty to choose from. I just take my time walking through the aisles taking it all in letting the inspiration hit me. I know it sounds like a spiritual bargain hunting journey. So here is my tip for the day . . . GO TO IKEA!!

Tasteful in Vegas?

January 2, 2008

One word that doesn’t always come to mind when you think of Vegas is tasteful. However, I found just that on my recent trip just after Christmas. In my wanderings around sin city I came across some amazing holiday decorations at the Wynn Hotel. They were tasteful and modern without being over the top. Which is hard to find most places let alone Vegas!! Here are some of the pics. So many people had stopped to take pictures because it was beautiful.